Friday, 22 August 2014

10 Ways In Which Your Mobile Phone Is A Blessing

Difference of opinions and view-points due to generation-gap are inevitable in our society. Why I am writing this is because I wanted to highlight the counter-view of a very commonly debated topic these days i.e. the use, or as they claim, misuse of mobile phones. This issue didn't exist even a decade ago since people used to have those tiny- keypad, ugly-looking mobile phones. When I was a toddler, a phone with bluetooth and a camera was considered a top edition of any company. So basically, with such limited features available, why would someone be addicted to their phones? Why would somebody feel the urge to check their phones if not for those social networking apps and yes, Whatsapp!

So what I am trying to say is that the use of mobile phones has increased not because the current generation is too carefree and idle to have a life outside their smartphones, but because the previous generation simply didn't have the facility to do the same!

So as a measure to defend our side of the logic, I've come up with this.

10 Ways In Which Your Mobile Phone Is A Blessing 

1. When you're all alone and there is nobody to talk to, you can always keep scrolling through your phone and find fun things to watch and share.

2. You're at a public gathering and feel completely out-of-the-place. Grab a chair, nose inside your phone. You'll never be bored!

3. When you've had an argument at home, you just need to pick up your phone and slam the door of your room loud to show you're angry and need space. 

4. You find something really interesting and can't wait to show it to somebody. When you have your phone, friends are just a text away!

5. Feeling angry or sad? Earphones in, volume up, close your eyes. Everything else goes into oblivion. 

6. Want to watch a movie? Need to check the when and where? Oh dear phone, where art thou?

7. Lost navigation at a new place? Can't find the road to take? Google maps, yeah right!

8. Want to click a selfie? Who needs a camera!  Take it with your phone and upload it within seconds!

9. Have a tuition test? Click pictures of the notes and what to do with it, well, we all know that. 

10. You can always be assured that even if you're all alone, koi aapka apna hamesha aapke saath hai! xD

So if you are addicted to your smartphone, it may not be as harmful as it is perceived. But remember that at the end of the day, you're the owner of your mobile phone, and not a slave to it! :)