Saturday, 20 December 2014

Wake Up

We all have read about the 16 December Peshawar tragedy. 7 militants of the Taliban entered an army school and killed around 145 people including students and staff. They later tried to reason it by saying that they were seeking vengeance against the Zarb-e-Azb operation being conducted by the Pakistani Armed Forces against militant groups. 
Much has been said about the excruciating step taken by the terrorists that has once again defied all the laws of humanity and has brought invincible shame to the one true God they supposedly worship. 
Such militant groups lure many youths into joining them by claiming of bravery and courage in terms of enforcement of their definition of religion. Such people do not realize that there is absolutely no courage in the butchering of 136 unarmed and indefensible children. True courage is what all the prophets of our religions portrayed in history by uniting people in a common faith of brotherhood. True courage is what those commandos portrayed who rescued the children on that unfortunate day. True courage is being a savior, not a murderer.

This incident reminded me of a very stirring song by John Lennon:

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky

Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

It’s high time to realize that violence is futile and revenge begets revenge. If we want to show God we love him, the best way is to love his creations, and not destroy them.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Come, fall in love

"Aisa pehli baar hua hai satrah athrah saalon meinUndekha anjaana koi aane laga hai khayalon mein"

Some 1000 weeks ago, Indian cinema was divided into two eras. Pre-DDLJ and Post-DDLJ.

So basically, we are 1000 weeks into the post-DDLJ era and it is certainly something to be proud of. I have only three regrets in life and one of them is not being born early enough to be able to watch DDLJ in 1995. I can imagine myself going to a theater to watch DDLJ and coming out teary-eyed. It would have been a gem of a moment! If you’re one of the people who have been that much lucky and reading this blog, please let me know in the comments below.

In the 90’s, Bollywood had the air of those silly Karishma Kapoor Rom-Coms (Some of them were epic, though). And DDLJ came as a breath of fresh air. Everything about the Aditya Chopra directorial was so overwhelming, so new. It had never happened before; neither did it happen ever after. The movie gave us some of the most incredible scenes and dialogues that act as a thumbnail of Bollywood in the 90’s.

Not only did the movie scored aces at the box office, it was a turning point in the careers of almost the entire cast and crew. Aditya Chopra has established himself as one of the most successful directors and is leading YRF to the heights. Kajol has had a clear steady stardom ever since. Right from Mandira Bedi to Farida Jalal, they all cherish a career worth being grateful for. And of course, pre-DDLJ who would have thought that the long-haired lad from Fauji would make it this big in Bollywood? Like literally, he is the KING!

Now, I can go on and on rambling about DDLJ and you might just sleep.

So as my little tribute, I would like to share some of my favorite elements of my favorite movie:

Amrish Puri’s Grocery Store

The very famous scene where Raj peaks into the grocery store and runs with a bottle of beer was shot in Trafalgar Square, London. And this place is on my to-visit list since forever!

Raj’s Violin

All through the movie, Raj’s violin was a character in itself. Not only do we all fantasize it, but the very holding of the violin by SRK added on to its sex appeal.

The ‘Palat’ scene

"Agar ye tujhse pyar karti hai, to ye palat ke dekhegi. Palat. Palat. Palat."
And that glance was the moment-of-realization for Simran.

Karan Johar!

Very few people must have noticed the blink-and-miss appearance of Karan Johar in the movie. He plays the role of Raj’s buddy, Rocky. However, in the scene before the song Ruk Ja O Dil Diwane starts, he’s got dialogues too! xD This is how far back Aditya-Karan-SRK friendship goes.

The Sarson Ka Khet!

The mustard field in the movie has got a career of its own. When Simran runs through all those plants and embraces Raj, the Sarson ke khet just add to the whole moment.

The feeding of the pigeons by Amrish Puri
Bauji starts his day by feeding the pigeons. But then one fine day Raj tries to replicate. And then we got it. Aao. Aao. Aaao.


Remember the geeky looking little sister of Simran? She acts cupid in the love story and we all loved her in the movie! She is Pooja Ruparel , a cousin of Sonakshi Sinha. And Lajwanti , Simran’s mom, was played by the evergreen Farida Jalal. The cutest mother in Bollywood!

The Railway Station scene

This whole scene was the best. Starting from the Raj-Baldev fight that still causes Goosebumps, to Bauji’s holding back Simran; and then, finally, Simran’s running frantically to reach Raj’s hand. Isn't it magic?

Have you watched the new trailer of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge launched by Yash Raj Films? If not, you're missing something beautiful. So here is the video for you:

- celebrating 1000 weeks of DDLJ :)

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Once Upon A Time

One of the fondest memories of childhood includes the bedtime stories and rhymes our granny used as a lullaby to transcend us to our world of imagination. Reading and reciting them were our first step to the realm of fiction and hence on, we have embraced the world of stories.

Little Red Riding Hood

Remember the little girl who was caught in a trap by a wicked wolf on her way to her grandmother’s house? We all have heard this story, but never looked through it. We can still relate to the story if we read between the lines. We all are like the red riding hood, fragile and na├»ve. There are many wicked wolfs in the world out there waiting to devour us. But the question is, that after being deceived once, do we actually learn from our mistakes or repeat them? The Red Riding Hood made a mistake by going deep into the forest off her path even when her mother had forbidden her to do so. We all often defy our parents and regret it later. But we must remember that the only people, who will love us even if we wrong them, are our parents. They know what is the best for us, yet we deny it. The red riding hood rectified her mistake and taught a lesson to the wicked wolf. She also made it a point not to repeat the mistake again. So the story, in its own simple and sweet way, teaches us to be wise and learn from our mistakes. And that makes it my favorite childhood story.

If You’re Happy

This song is my favorite even now. The sudden outburst of energy the moment I listen to it is just amazing. I study in a convent school and rhymes have been a major part of my formative years of schooling. I still remember when Sr.Noila used to teach us this song along with the actions that go with it. The music Hall echoed with our voices, some melodious and some like mine, that were just offbeat. Sr.Noila’s voice was as sweet as her heart. All the students used to clap and thump their feet and sing in full fervor. I just wonder when my childhood went away. Was it when I stopped singing If You’re Happy? Perhaps yes. But with this blog post, I have revived my childhood memories. As I write this blog post, I am also thumping my feet and singing if you’re happy and you know it, pen it down!

Watching the videos of my favorite story and rhyme from the childhood was nostalgic. I wish I was small all over again. 
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Friday, 14 November 2014

Your Life Is Not Yours

Let X be an arbitrary character representing all of us, at some or the other stage of our life.
Now let us have a look at X’s life:

X is born. His cradle is surrounded by distant relatives who all claim that his features resemble their own. X’s mother is lying peacefully on the bed beside his cradle. She starts knitting strings of dreams for her little baby.
X will be a doctor one day
X will make me proud one day
X will get married and give me grandchildren one day
The parents start a slideshow of dreams for little poor X who has just entered the Universe and has completely no idea he has landed in a world so peculiar that from now on his life will be like a Drawing Room TV set whose remote control arguably shifts from one hand to the other.

X is 4 now. (No, he’s not Tobias Eaton). He is climbing the steps of his school bus and crying his way on the first day to a place where he will receive everything except education. He will be taught all kinds of complex stuff but will never be taught why it is important to learn them. He would be expected to mug up dates and formulae which will have no direct or indirect connection to increasing his intellect. Rightly in the words of the great Albert Einstein:
"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."

X turns 10. He is celebrating his birthday at home and the huge gathering is clapping and singing the birthday song for him. He is dressed in a glittering and sequined Nicker-Shirt outfit. He blows the candles and cuts the cake. All the aunties adjust the palloos of their red-pink-orange-green Sarees and jump forward to leave their lipstick imprints on X’s cheek. He is only rubbing the gloss off his cheek when he is suddenly carried up to the shoulders of a heavily-built uncle who starts dancing with X’s legs hanging down from either side of his bald head. Startled with all the noise and commotion X bursts crying. To make matters worse, all his relatives start consoling him with sentences that are far from providing any consolation.
“Oh this kid is so sensitive”
“Why are you crying like girls?” (As if boys don’t have tear ducts. Du-uh)
Le beta ro mat. Campa peele” (Don’t cry son, take this soft drink)
Tired of all the melodrama, little X goes back to his room and pretends to sleep. He wishes this day would have been a somber affair with only his family but he still can’t do anything to shoo away his irritating guests who are still munching on a plate stuffed with wafers, cake, toffees and a samosa. And of course, the Campa.

X is now 16. He is scrolling down his Facebook home screen and his mother is peering down on his computer from behind his back. Realizing the presence of his mother, X instinctively changes the tab and stares blankly at the Google search box. Not that he’s doing anything wrong, but he still doesn't like to be spied upon. Just when his mother is about to head to the kitchen, X’s phone hung to the charging point starts to ring. And just when he is about to hurry to it....There. His mother answers the call. He stands frozen when his mother angrily puts down the phone without uttering a word.
“The advertising perverts”. And she heads to the kitchen. 
X heaves a sigh of relief. 
The doorbell rings and X goes down to open the gate. Her mother’s friend glares at him with a sugary smile.
“OMG beta you've grown so big!”
Does anyone also grow small, aunty?
As the lady rests her hips on the sofa, X’s mother appears out of the kitchen. X is about to head back to his room when the aunty babbles up again.
“So which stream are you planning to take after class X results?”
There you go.
“I am not sure, aunty. Humanities would be the preference most probably”
Arts!? Arts lekar kya karoge!?” (What will you do after taking Arts?)
And then there was no stopping at all.
Beta Science leke Engineering karo. 4 saal ki mehnat hai fir aish hi aish.” (Take Science and pursue Engineering. Just 4 year's hard work and then sheer luxury)

X is now 23. He is done with the 4 saal ki mehnat and is nowhere near to aish. It is a very busy Monday as he hops from one interview to the other. By the evening when it is all over, he is hell tired, more of his life than of his daily routine. He imagines what life would have been had he listened to his heart and pursued his dreams. Then the auto stops outside his house and he sighs over what life had become, rather.

X is now 27. After changing multiple jobs, he has finally got a decent one. He has endless working hours and sleepless nights. He starts thinking of his past. The only girl he ever loved had been married off to somebody else because her parents thought that X was an aimless poor guy who will never be able to keep their daughter happy. X is also going to be married soon to a girl he doesn't know as yet. It doesn't matter anyway, he thought. Mom is happy.

And the rest, we all know, is the life of a common human being. 90 per cent of “common” people live this kind of a life. And the rest 10 per cent become their idols.
We will all die one day and blah blah. Nobody is going to give a damn what job we had, whom we got married to and how much we earned. Then whom do we do this all for? Why don’t we let our lives be our own? We become what we become not because of our talent or our education, but because of our choices. One choice can make all the difference. 

P.S: As the #KissOfLove campaign emerges as a breakthrough of sorts, I read a newspaper article where a JNU student was quoted as saying:

Ye log rape aur crime se nahi, chumme se darte hain” (These people are not afraid of rapes and crimes, but of kisses) 

What happens to people’s moral policing when they see girls being teased and children being harassed? They keep quiet when all that happens and mind their own business. But they have all the time in the world to hit and abuse couples walking on the road? Such double standards exist to ruin the society. They again and again prove the harsh reality that your life is not yours.  

Thursday, 23 October 2014


I have been wearing glasses since class 6. Now, after 5 years since a bald-headed and himself bespectacled ophthalmologist had told me to wear glasses, they are as much a part of me as my skin. My eyes and my glasses are like lovers, two units but one soul. Each is incomplete without the other.

Initially, as a child, I was afraid because my eyes were weak. I had consoled myself into believing that I would stop watching TV and playing video games, and munch on kilograms and kilograms of almonds and gooseberries, and eventually get rid of the glasses.

But here I am, 5 years post that, sitting in front of a computer emitting harmful radiations and reading small fonts on Google about how to improve eyesight. Know what a situation like this is called? Read the title once again. Yeah, that.

However, so many years down the lane, I have evolved into being an aficionado of glasses and people wearing them. We look cool, don’t we? I’m obviously not talking about the uncles and aunties wearing their black-brown specs with strings hanging down from both their ears. But the guys with big and sexy frames and the girls with the Naina Talwar look (I’m still not over YJHD!). Afterall, we have an array of colorful and super-stylish glasses these days ranging from the Cat-eyes to my personal favorite Lennon glasses and so many more. You can walk into an optical store just like that and end up buying a cool pair for yourself even if you don’t need one!

Breaking the stereotype, people with glasses are no more harassed and ridiculed with stupid tags like ‘geek’ or ‘four-eyed’ or ‘battery’.

Even after writing all this, I still despise the fact that I won't be able to see the world so amusing if some day my glasses break and I have to wait for one whole day to get the new one. Not that I am making up all this, but this also actually happened.

Three days back I was cleaning my glasses when while wiping the right glass I accidently plucked it out altogether. I had placed the order for new specs but had to wait for a day. And that day, had been terribly painful.

I couldn’t walk the road without bumping into a pebble or two. Whatever my math teacher wrote on the blackboard, seemed like Greek (not that I understand math, anyway!).

I’ve always feared oblivion, even much before of John Green telling the world that Augustus Waters fears oblivion, too. So that one day felt like the worst come true- oblivion. But then I remembered what Hazel Grace had said in the literal heart of Jesus:

"There will come a time when all of us are dead. All of us. There will come a time when there are no human beings remaining to remember that anyone ever existed or tat our species ever did anything. There was time before organisms experienced consciousness, and there will be time after. And if the inevitability of human oblivion worries you, I encourage you to ignore it. God knows that's what everyone else does".
So now I don’t get scared when I imagine what will happen if one day my eyes won’t be able to see this world. Because I've willed myself to experience the most beautiful things of life before that damned day will come, which I know, will not ;)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Don't Kill Yourself, Life Will Do It For You!

"I was upset my mom didn’t buy me a new shoe, then I saw somebody who had no feet"

Ever came across a point in life where you felt like giving up, felt it’s not worth it anymore? Probably everyone gets pissed off at some or the other stage of life.

Somebody broke your heart- you find the whole of you broken down into pieces.
You didn’t clear an entrance or failed in Boards- you believe that you’ve failed in life
Your parents get angry with you - you start doubting your own worth

We always think what we’re receiving is not enough compared to the amount of effort we’re putting in. But have you ever seen people at redlights and streets performing heart-halting stunts just for people to drop a penny or two in their hat? If life is tough for you, it is worst for many.

On the other side of fear, lies freedom. Once you overcome that jeopardy of your own self-worth, what wonders life will unfold for you.

People who have been successful in their lives, not in terms of money or fame, but in terms of the uncountable smiles they gave and received – have one thing in common.
They stayed calm. They didn’t let it happen, they made it happen.

No doubt, life is tough. But if lived the right way, it’s a magic, a dreamland. Life is funny too. If you accept nothing less then what you deserve, you very often end up getting it.

Being content is the only key to happiness. 
Smile for what you have and see what more life has to offer you! 

Friday, 22 August 2014

10 Ways In Which Your Mobile Phone Is A Blessing

Difference of opinions and view-points due to generation-gap are inevitable in our society. Why I am writing this is because I wanted to highlight the counter-view of a very commonly debated topic these days i.e. the use, or as they claim, misuse of mobile phones. This issue didn't exist even a decade ago since people used to have those tiny- keypad, ugly-looking mobile phones. When I was a toddler, a phone with bluetooth and a camera was considered a top edition of any company. So basically, with such limited features available, why would someone be addicted to their phones? Why would somebody feel the urge to check their phones if not for those social networking apps and yes, Whatsapp!

So what I am trying to say is that the use of mobile phones has increased not because the current generation is too carefree and idle to have a life outside their smartphones, but because the previous generation simply didn't have the facility to do the same!

So as a measure to defend our side of the logic, I've come up with this.

10 Ways In Which Your Mobile Phone Is A Blessing 

1. When you're all alone and there is nobody to talk to, you can always keep scrolling through your phone and find fun things to watch and share.

2. You're at a public gathering and feel completely out-of-the-place. Grab a chair, nose inside your phone. You'll never be bored!

3. When you've had an argument at home, you just need to pick up your phone and slam the door of your room loud to show you're angry and need space. 

4. You find something really interesting and can't wait to show it to somebody. When you have your phone, friends are just a text away!

5. Feeling angry or sad? Earphones in, volume up, close your eyes. Everything else goes into oblivion. 

6. Want to watch a movie? Need to check the when and where? Oh dear phone, where art thou?

7. Lost navigation at a new place? Can't find the road to take? Google maps, yeah right!

8. Want to click a selfie? Who needs a camera!  Take it with your phone and upload it within seconds!

9. Have a tuition test? Click pictures of the notes and what to do with it, well, we all know that. 

10. You can always be assured that even if you're all alone, koi aapka apna hamesha aapke saath hai! xD

So if you are addicted to your smartphone, it may not be as harmful as it is perceived. But remember that at the end of the day, you're the owner of your mobile phone, and not a slave to it! :) 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Everybody Has A Bestfriend

Everybody has a bestfriend. Everybody should have a bestfriend. It is by far the most beautiful relationship I have experienced. You get a sense of belongingness when you are with them. You literally walk (read march) into their house as if you own it and treat their parents as your parents. You hold on to them as your ray of sunshine in a dark night.

I have one such bestfriend who means life to me. No actually, she does not. Because if I compare my life to her, I will chose her over my life each and every time. She does not even mean the world to me because the world is so petty and worthless in front of her. So basically what she means to me is incomprehensible.

We fight like lunatics. I own the right to scratch her arms with my nails, pull her hair and punch her nose. But if an outsider says something that might offend her even by a little fraction of intensity, I am all ready with my butter knife and steel water bottle to hit them.

I don’t write personal stories in my blog. But I still wanted to express this. She is no longer in the same school. We bridge the distance with long phone calls. Since two days my retarded bestfriend seems lost somewhere. I was missing her so much that I have actually written a poem for her, that too in Hindi. On days like this one when we miss out on each other I realize that we are far away, in terms of distance off course. Such a handicap.

Kuchh to tha, un palo ki daastaan me
Jo bagair lafzon ke hi
Itna kuchh keh gaye
Hamara sath jo dhoop ke dino ki tarah khichta hi chala gaya
Aaj bichhda maaloom hota hai

Kuchh to tha, teri un muskuraati aankho me,
Jinhe dekhne ko tarasti hain aaj meri aankhe
Tera sath jo mera sahara tha
Aaj bhi ous ki boondo ki tarah
Thandak si deta hai

Kuchh to tha tera mujhme
Jo tere jaane ke baad bhi gaya nahi
Na hi kabhi ja sakta hai
Kyunki, vo karta hai mukkammal mujhko

No. I am not a lover in pain or something even close to that. I am not a shayar neither do I want to be claimed as one. I am simply the bestfriend of my bestfriend. So after reading this poem if it reminded you of a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, go recite it to them and tell them that they don’t mean the world to you. If you know what I mean ;)

Friday, 11 July 2014

Seasoned Love

The day I found you, I lost myself.

Life revolves around your thoughts
Just keeping high on vodka shots
The sight of you, your magical eyes
The way you stride, my sanity dies
When you wear a hoodie in winters
Along with your Adidas shorts
I just don’t count the loves-me-nots
While accidentally bumping into you
Under the summer hue
The smell of your scent reaches my insides
It swings me off to my world of delights
Though you were never mine, I have lost you forever
All these emotions are drenched with the first shower
Of the cloudy monsoon of my life

The day I lost you, I started finding myself yet again…

Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Voices In My Head

I hear voices in my head
They scream and shout
that my solitude demands to be fed
They tear me apart
A part of me, is left afar
into a place I’m not destined to conquer
A place I never reach
except in dreams and hallucinations
Behold, I fear those creations
Belonging nowhere, but my own mind

I hear voices in my head
Holding me guilty
of faults I’m not willing to accept
I stride forward fighting self-enmity
but they pull me back instead
into the place I’m not destined to conquer
no matter how many tears I shed
My most pious wish was left unsaid
Since then they echo;
The voices in my head

Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Conventee

Since whenever I’ve known myself, I’ve known myself as an Anthonian. I’ve been going to St. Anthony’s Sr. Sec. School since I opened my eyes to this world as a toddler. I somehow feel that I belong to this institution, to CFMSS.

The fact that our school is not so active in co-curricular activities and that the academic rate has been dropping drastically made me want to leave the school after class X.

Everything was going as planned. I managed to get admission in one of the top schools in Delhi and was almost ready to pack my bag and leave SAS to set out on a new journey. I was content as I had achieved what I wanted. But something inside me was breaking apart at the thought of leaving the institution that has nurtured me into what I am today. Strange as it may seem, I felt as a traitor. It could not go down well with me that from now on I won’t be an Anthonian anymore. I was going to deny myself the honor of being called an alumnus of the school after having been studied there for 10 long years. I would not be allowed to visit the school to meet my friends and teachers because I was not a passout of the school despite of being there since class I. 

How could I do this to myself? How could I do away with a place that is not just a part of my education, but a part of my very soul?

No matter how much we condemn it, it is because of studying in this convent that we are now prepared for any moral responsibility that might be handed over to us. It is because of being a conventee that respecting the blessings of God in any phase comes naturally to us. It is because of being a conventee that whatever our individual personalities are, we are all still alike at being good human beings.

No matter how much we tend to defy the imposed discipline in school, once we go out to the broader arena we naturally behave like well brought up girls.

So finally the things I hated then seem a part of me now. 

The blue ribbons and two braids rule
Talk in English or pay a fine
The poor fund in class for inculcating the habit to donate whatever little we can
Disappearing at the sight of Miss. Sahni
Long assemblies at every festival
Getting inspired by the strong personalities our teachers are
Crying at their farewells
Touching the ground of the convent church while entering school

I wonder I would have experienced these beautiful moments in any other school. I wonder if in any other school the children recite “Bless us Oh Lord, and these our gifts, which we are about to receive, from thy bounty. Amen” before having meals.

And as I write this I realize how stupid I was. I was actually going to leave all this behind for no justifiable reason at all. Thank You Jesus for whatever prevented me from making the biggest mistake of my life. I don’t want to leave school. Not now, not later. Never. Even after I die, I want my soul to reside in my school. Heaven is not a beautiful garden with fairies and angels. Heaven can be found in the most unlikely corners of your heart. And now I know where my heaven is :’)

A conventee is not special by the way she dresses or the way she speaks. It is by the way she acts, even when no one is watching.