Sunday, 20 July 2014

Everybody Has A Bestfriend

Everybody has a bestfriend. Everybody should have a bestfriend. It is by far the most beautiful relationship I have experienced. You get a sense of belongingness when you are with them. You literally walk (read march) into their house as if you own it and treat their parents as your parents. You hold on to them as your ray of sunshine in a dark night.

I have one such bestfriend who means life to me. No actually, she does not. Because if I compare my life to her, I will chose her over my life each and every time. She does not even mean the world to me because the world is so petty and worthless in front of her. So basically what she means to me is incomprehensible.

We fight like lunatics. I own the right to scratch her arms with my nails, pull her hair and punch her nose. But if an outsider says something that might offend her even by a little fraction of intensity, I am all ready with my butter knife and steel water bottle to hit them.

I don’t write personal stories in my blog. But I still wanted to express this. She is no longer in the same school. We bridge the distance with long phone calls. Since two days my retarded bestfriend seems lost somewhere. I was missing her so much that I have actually written a poem for her, that too in Hindi. On days like this one when we miss out on each other I realize that we are far away, in terms of distance off course. Such a handicap.

Kuchh to tha, un palo ki daastaan me
Jo bagair lafzon ke hi
Itna kuchh keh gaye
Hamara sath jo dhoop ke dino ki tarah khichta hi chala gaya
Aaj bichhda maaloom hota hai

Kuchh to tha, teri un muskuraati aankho me,
Jinhe dekhne ko tarasti hain aaj meri aankhe
Tera sath jo mera sahara tha
Aaj bhi ous ki boondo ki tarah
Thandak si deta hai

Kuchh to tha tera mujhme
Jo tere jaane ke baad bhi gaya nahi
Na hi kabhi ja sakta hai
Kyunki, vo karta hai mukkammal mujhko

No. I am not a lover in pain or something even close to that. I am not a shayar neither do I want to be claimed as one. I am simply the bestfriend of my bestfriend. So after reading this poem if it reminded you of a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, go recite it to them and tell them that they don’t mean the world to you. If you know what I mean ;)