Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Don't Kill Yourself, Life Will Do It For You!

"I was upset my mom didn’t buy me a new shoe, then I saw somebody who had no feet"

Ever came across a point in life where you felt like giving up, felt it’s not worth it anymore? Probably everyone gets pissed off at some or the other stage of life.

Somebody broke your heart- you find the whole of you broken down into pieces.
You didn’t clear an entrance or failed in Boards- you believe that you’ve failed in life
Your parents get angry with you - you start doubting your own worth

We always think what we’re receiving is not enough compared to the amount of effort we’re putting in. But have you ever seen people at redlights and streets performing heart-halting stunts just for people to drop a penny or two in their hat? If life is tough for you, it is worst for many.

On the other side of fear, lies freedom. Once you overcome that jeopardy of your own self-worth, what wonders life will unfold for you.

People who have been successful in their lives, not in terms of money or fame, but in terms of the uncountable smiles they gave and received – have one thing in common.
They stayed calm. They didn’t let it happen, they made it happen.

No doubt, life is tough. But if lived the right way, it’s a magic, a dreamland. Life is funny too. If you accept nothing less then what you deserve, you very often end up getting it.

Being content is the only key to happiness. 
Smile for what you have and see what more life has to offer you!