Sunday, 23 November 2014

Once Upon A Time

One of the fondest memories of childhood includes the bedtime stories and rhymes our granny used as a lullaby to transcend us to our world of imagination. Reading and reciting them were our first step to the realm of fiction and hence on, we have embraced the world of stories.

Little Red Riding Hood

Remember the little girl who was caught in a trap by a wicked wolf on her way to her grandmother’s house? We all have heard this story, but never looked through it. We can still relate to the story if we read between the lines. We all are like the red riding hood, fragile and na├»ve. There are many wicked wolfs in the world out there waiting to devour us. But the question is, that after being deceived once, do we actually learn from our mistakes or repeat them? The Red Riding Hood made a mistake by going deep into the forest off her path even when her mother had forbidden her to do so. We all often defy our parents and regret it later. But we must remember that the only people, who will love us even if we wrong them, are our parents. They know what is the best for us, yet we deny it. The red riding hood rectified her mistake and taught a lesson to the wicked wolf. She also made it a point not to repeat the mistake again. So the story, in its own simple and sweet way, teaches us to be wise and learn from our mistakes. And that makes it my favorite childhood story.

If You’re Happy

This song is my favorite even now. The sudden outburst of energy the moment I listen to it is just amazing. I study in a convent school and rhymes have been a major part of my formative years of schooling. I still remember when Sr.Noila used to teach us this song along with the actions that go with it. The music Hall echoed with our voices, some melodious and some like mine, that were just offbeat. Sr.Noila’s voice was as sweet as her heart. All the students used to clap and thump their feet and sing in full fervor. I just wonder when my childhood went away. Was it when I stopped singing If You’re Happy? Perhaps yes. But with this blog post, I have revived my childhood memories. As I write this blog post, I am also thumping my feet and singing if you’re happy and you know it, pen it down!

Watching the videos of my favorite story and rhyme from the childhood was nostalgic. I wish I was small all over again. 
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