Sunday, 8 March 2015

I Am Sorry

I am sorry
And I've always been
For one thing or the other
I’m born into a world where I am constantly reminded
That I should be sorry and that I should not have it any other way

I am sorry because even though some people hate me
I do not hate them back
I am sorry because I feel only love can drive out hatred

I am sorry because no matter how hard I try to be the ideal child
They still find a speck of dust in the vast ocean that is my demeanor
I am sorry because no matter how much generous a human being I try to be
People don’t cease to zoom into the flaws
But despite of that I continue to believe in myself when no one else believes in me  
And trust me, I am sorry for that

The people who abandon me and choose to leave
Are like scars on my soul
With every second scar my skin grows rough and ugly
But this time if you choose to be one of those scars
I will still care and love, like always
And I am sorry for that

I love, and therefore I am
What is the essence of our transient being if we don’t feel the need to love?
I am sorry I theorize that we’re all broken into pieces and that only love can join us back
People continue to forego my love, but still I continue to love, and fiercely so,
With the sum of all my broken pieces
I’m really sorry I do

I have dreams. Indestructible dreams that won’t let me sleep.
Oh, but I’m not sorry this time.  Why?
Because when in the day I allow the world to slave me and my thoughts,
I wait for the dark. That is when my dreams breathe life into my scarred soul.
That is when I, and only I, have the key to my conviction.
That is when I can unapologetically hope for a better world
And I will not let you snatch away my hope and crumble my dreams
Even if I belong to this world, my dreams solely belong to me.
And mind you, I will never be sorry for that.



  1. Wow. I love this one. Such simple thoughts reflected in such a marvellous way! :D It's a lovely poem and I really loved this line- cease to zoom into the flaws. :D

    1. Thanks Vani. I am so happy it could be reflected the way I had thought of it :)

  2. This is beautiful Ishita. You'll make a great writer :')

  3. Hope my dream is waiting for the nights to be a knight ! Loved it

    1. Thanks Srinath :) And I'm sure that'll happen soon!