Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Shot In Heaven

He sips on his coffee
and remembers when love was brewing 
moulding them in feelings
warmer than the mould that holds his coffee
He looks out of the window
and sees himself dwindling in the street
holding her hands, jumping over puddles
This monsoon had been prolonged, the reporters had said
our courtship had lasted even longer, he thought
The channel flickers on the radio he is listening to,
breaking his tryst with the outside
he rubs the small droplets of water off the antenna
and the song that plays then, he remembers, was their favorite
he can feel his palms on her waist as she swings along.
The beats are zealous, but her moves were exuberant, he knew
He closes his eyes and when he opens them
for a moment he doesn't blink
what he sees is her face, exquisite as ever
then his pupils broaden and he realizes it's her picture 
the last one of her life; poised on the bureau.
The picture is beautiful
but lifeless,
just as his wife now is 


  1. Hey that is just awesome. :) The ending was unexpected. Really. :) And wow, that too in a business studies period! You owe the teacher indirectly. ;) It is amazing. Please don't lose confidence. :) I loved it!

    1. Thank you so much! And yes I guess you're right that I owe her x'D And no I'm not losing confidence, just a little surprised. That sometimes I spend days perfecting a poem and this one just struck like lightening xD

  2. Replies
    1. Heyyy you! I guess this is your first comment on my blog xD And sorry it hurted :'/

    2. No no i meant it touches the heart way.
      Yes, my first! I had been trying for so long :)

    3. Yeah I understood that. But many people told me I broke their heart with this poem so :P

  3. This was absolute amaze. I loved the way you framed it. Really good writing, I wish I could do half as good as you do. ❤️

  4. Ouch! :( That was so touching!
    I wish she comes back, I know it's not possible but still..! :|
    Beautifully penned :)

  5. The people we love never really go away. Thank Deeshani :)

  6. Absolutely amazing. It may be heart breaking but I love such writing styles. Conveys pain in a realistic way and touches the right chords. Brilliant piece, this one!

    1. Thank you Mayuri. And yes I know you like this style, given I read your last post.