Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hideous Beauty

I recently read a post while surfing the net. It emphasized on the fact that why are all those love poems dedicated to someone else but yourself? Why is it that we have all the love in our heart to love somebody else but not ourselves. So I decided to take it up and write a poem dedicated to myself. 

I was born and I shall die. But in the labyrinth of life if I ever get lost, let me not loose myself.

I love the way my wet curly hair
Flow lustily down my shoulders after a shower
They be frizzy and untamed, but they be mine
I won't tie them up, what if they don't smell like the flower?

During times of melancholy, I read myself stories, poems, listen to songs, go on a walk.
Who else would ever do so much and why?
I can trace the map alone
The comrade of my soul is never shy.

I have brown eyes that glisten with dreams
Even after my specs hide them
Some days I have dark circles and my eyes look dull
But to me they'll always be a precious gem.

A stranger is never strange to me
I gel with a myriad, not just one personality
Deliberate in my efforts to not leave a scar
Even if I fail, I value this mentality

My nose is flat and small
But it breathes for me the smell of rain-drenched mud
Twitches everytime the sneeze plays hide-n-seek
But it's as significant to me as the redness of my blood

I am short, but I can make a big difference
I am fat, but my greed is bleak
I am amateur, but my pursuit is clear
I am flawed, yet beautiful all the same.


  1. Wow! You just gave us your whole biodata.

    1. Haha, I wonder if my biodata will include my physical features..

  2. Wow! You just gave us your whole biodata.

  3. Wow! You just gave us your whole biodata.

  4. wow
    just wow
    that was just more than awesome:)
    loved it

  5. This describes a beautiful person..
    I wanna meet dis person
    Who is dis??
    OMG!!! Its none other than u and i loved this and i love u ♡♡
    Ishi di - a grt personality

    1. Hahah aww :') thanks Mahima, I really love you :*

  6. I know my comment is coming late, but this is brilliant :)

  7. One of the best post <3
    Wish I had the same talent as yours :)