Friday, 16 January 2015

20 Facts About Myself

1. I am a very filmy person; so filmy that this point made it to the top of the list. My conversations very often contain dialogues from films.

2. I am a tomboy and I hate the color pink just for the girlish feel of it.

3. I am a big time foodie. After breakfast I think of lunch and after lunch I think of dinner!

4. I fantasize that violins will be playing when I meet the love of my life.

5. I am that friend who’s always single but looked up to for relationship advice. Love guru, you may call it!

6. I am very fond of my singing but others are not. You will always find me humming to an old 90’s song.

7. I may seem jolly and strong but I’m a very sensitive person. Even a little argument or insult can take its toll on me.

8. I love it when somebody writes something for me. I am an ardent reader and if it is about me, all the more wonderful!

9. I really like if I’m able to make people happy and lessen their sorrows.

10. I love experimenting new styles with my hair but they are just not meant for that!

11. I don’t like if somebody hates me. No matter how much I pretend I do give a damn about that!

12. I am a very confused person. I’m always in double minds about making a decision and after 
making it always think if the other option would have been better!

13. I am a single child to my parents and pampered beyond limits. But that doesn't make me a spoiled brat.

14.  I am very, very punctual. I hate getting late and because of this I often end up sitting in a party where no one else has yet arrived.

15. My favorite author is Mitch Albom. I have many favorite authors but no one ever reaches close to this man.

16. I am a loud and boisterous person. I am calm only when I’m sad or deeply pondering over something.

17. I hate the winter season. Too much of procrastination!

18. I am a very opinionated person and really love discussions.

19. I was a Humanities aspirant and really loved studying History, I still do. Somehow ended up with Commerce.

20. And but of course, I love writing! ;)

I thank Vani Devraj for nominating me for the 20 Facts Challenge. She blogs at Plain Jane. I don’t have 20 people to tag. But I will just nominate three of my friends Yashasvi Shailly who blogs at Randomness and Beyond.. , Pallavi Bhatia who blogs at Reckless Serenade and Prerna Rawat who blogs at shewritesaboutherself . Also if you are willing to take up the task, you can mention it in the comments below and I will tag you too. :)


  1. Wow.. We have so many similarities :D the hair part, being sensitive and hatre for pink! Hehehe and thanks for linking my blog :)

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  3. Quite impressive :*
    Just loved ur character
    Nw i know ur personality more than i knew u earlier <3

  4. Quite impressive :*
    Just loved ur character
    Nw i know ur personality more than i knew u earlier <3