Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Great Indian Litterbug

I have a very vulnerable hate speed, i.e. the speed with which I can start hating a person is very fast. Usually these are people I don’t know, people I just observe on the roads, the streets, the markets etc. And my hate speed is directly proportional to how big of a litterbug they are. Though the reasons for which I may hate a person are many, but the most irritable nuisances committed which I just can’t tolerate are the various modes of spreading “beauty” that people in India are accustomed to.
Broadly categorizing, there are 3 main types of such litterbugs in India.

1. The Great Indian Pee Panthers

These are commonly men, who have the nature’s advantage to be able to stand and pee. And for the same that goes for all the other advantages men claim in the society, this is also considered a birth right by most of them. These people, surprisingly, have no set range (pun not intended). They may vary from a construction laborer to an educated businessman to a policeman himself! These people would never care to control it in for some time and look for a public toilet. In fact, they have their own favorite and convenient spots- public walls! Ironically, many walls have been covered up with tiles portraying religious idols to stop this practice! Yet another example that people in India need religion to remind them of their social responsibilities.

2. The Great Indian Gutka Giants.

These are people fond of chewing ‘paan’ or ‘gutka’ or any such so called delicacy. Even if we ignore the gross activity itself, but the fact that they spit it out on public roads is invincible. Our roads and streets have become more red than grey. The walls bear emboss color outbursts of their gutka. If you’re having a bad day you might as well step on one such fresh pulp of red and curse your existence!

3. The Great Indian Tetra Troubleshooters

This, according to me is the most heinous social crime. One can argue that the urge to pee or to spit 
out waste is uncontrollable (even though prevention is better than cure) but the practice of throwing Tetra Paks , plastic bottles, vegetable and fruit peel offs, etc on roads is unforgivable and any excuse to justify it is utterly baseless. While one can easily carry such packets home and throw them in a bin, most of us chose to get rid of them right away. But we forget the most important thing- when you throw dirt, you lose ground!

It is because of these litterbugs that revolutionary movements like the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan bring about but a little change. It takes so much time and effort for many people together to clean up a road. But it takes only one unconcerned brain-dead person to litter it down again. As unfair as it is, we, the anti-litterbugs, just end up cursing our own government and citizens and find opportunities to run abroad.

But we need to do this:

Ridicule the litterbugs! Show them that they are gross and unclean. Whenever you see a person littering the surroundings, even if it is somebody you know, make them an ugly face; say ‘Yuck! You’re such a litterbug’; and move away from where they’re standing.

Social isolation and mockery is the best way to prick their conscience!

You must watch this video - The Great Indian Litterbug Pledge , a hilarious initiative by Times Of India and IndiBlogger .


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